Because we expect the relationships we pursue to extend over many years, we’re singularly committed to adding significant value to every handshake, every meeting and every client’s goals and aspirations.

Wagner Wealth Management addresses our client’s complex needs from a team perspective. Our unique boutique approach allows us to utilize multiple Advisors whose specialized areas of concentration aim for thorough and complete financial plan.

Our Services

“We are here to help you plan and reach your financial goals and support the community in which we serve” – Dan Wagner

Financial Planning

We work with our clients to prepare a comprehensive evaluation of their current and future financial needs. By evaluating these needs we are able to create and implement a financial plan specifically tailored to each client.

Asset Management

At Wagner Wealth Management, we don’t use a one size fits all approach; our Asset Management strategies are tailored individually to fit each client and their specific situation.

Alternative Investments

We offer several forms of alternative investments, including private equity, investment banking and real estate.

Small Business Owners

Our Team offers financial solutions for your small business needs so you can focus on growing your business and doing what you love.

Business Succession & Exit Planning

Each business owner at some point is faced with a decision on when and how to exit the business. Passing on the business to the next generation, selling the business or possibly going public? Our team of Advisors are with you every step of the way helping you plan for, develop and implement your strategy.

Insurance Services

As a form of risk management, we work with clients in creating and benchmarking an investment strategy that relates to each client's overall financial goals.

Estate & Tax Planning

As an integral part of our planning process, we work closely with legal and accounting partners to ensure your Estate and Tax Planning correlate with your overall Financial Plan.

401K Planning

As an interictal part of your retirement planning process, we assist you in making the right diversification choices on your 401k investments to correlate with your overall goals and objectives.

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